Two player keeper PPR. Who do I keep?
Dez Bryant. Mike Evans. Sammy Watkins. Alshon Jeffery.
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    Matt Dirzulaitis (463 Reputation Points)
    Tough choices. I'd lean towards keeping Dez Bryant and Mike Evans from this group. I believe that Dez is the best of this group and Evans is just 22 with a QB who will only get better.
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    Kevin Fisher (500 Reputation Points)
    But can you trust Dez to have someone to throw to him??
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    Samuel Marshall (385 Reputation Points)
    Dez and Mike
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    Salvador Car (476 Reputation Points)
    dez and evans
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    Keith Goldner (585 Reputation Points)
    Agreed, Dez and Evans unless there is a keeper cost associated with them