KEEPER: Latavious Murray or Jay Ajayi
Latavious Murray for an 11th rounder
Jay Ajayi for a 15th rounder

I have Murray as the 18th best RB and Ajayi as the 32nd best RB

The kicker to the question is that I will also be keeping Mike Evans.
If i choose Murray then Evans will cost me a 9th rounder.
If i choose Ajayi then Evans will cost an 11th rounder.
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    Jeremy (517 Reputation Points)
    Latavius Murray without a doubt.
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    Jabez Wesly (500 Reputation Points)
    Ajayi. Not many backs come back from Achilles tears, so I doubt Arian will be a factor (he had under 3ypc last year as well). Murray will legitimately be pushed by Deandre Washington
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    Austan Kas (419 Reputation Points)
    I'd lean Ajayi, as well. If Murray doesn't become more efficient, he will have to keep getting big-time volume to stay useful.
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    Matt Dirzulaitis (463 Reputation Points)
    I think I would keep Ajayi, especially with this situation. I think Ajayi has the potential to be a workhouse back, especially with Arian Foster being prone to injury. So I think he has tremendous upside as a keeper regardless of Murray being the better option to begin the year. And getting him at a much cheaper price along with Evans is a great kicker.
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    wsc79 . (352 Reputation Points)
    I would keep an eye on Ajayi's injury. It was reported earlier that he hurt his knee in practice. If he is ok I would agree with Matt