Keep Devonta Freeman or trade him?
My league has a starting roster of 2 RB's and 2 FLEX (both of my FLEX are also RB). I currently have Todd Gurley, Devonta Freeman, Latavius Murray, and Giovani Bernard as my starters. However, I recently heard about the Falcons wanting to adopt a committee approach at the RB position. I was confident Freeman was a top 5 RB when I drafted him, but now I'm anxious. Should I keep him as a starter or try and trade him for a WR? (My current starters are Jeffery, Watkins, Baldwin)
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    wsc79 . (352 Reputation Points)
    I would trade him if you can get good value for him. It would all depend on what you get in return. This will depend on how others view him in the league. If you can find someone very weak at RB but strong at RB see if you can get a low end WR1 or high end WR2 for him. Its a long shot, but most people may not realize Freeman did most of his damage in just a handful of games
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    Matt Dirzulaitis (463 Reputation Points)
    It depends on who you are going to get for him. Freeman is still certainly a top-10 RB even with rumors of a committee, especially with his passing-game upside.

    But if you can get an elite wideout for him (Brown, OBJ, Julio, Hopkins, Green, Dez, A-Rob, Keenan) I'd definitely consider trading him. With your current roster though, I'd say your not too strong at RB in which you should be trying to get rid of RBs unless the deal is favorable.
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    Austan Kas (452 Reputation Points)
    To just add a little something to Matt's comments, if it's not a PPR league, that diminishes Freeman's value a bit. As we've covered multiple times this offseason, Freeman was an inefficient runner again last year with the exception of a monster four- or five-week stretch in the middle of the year. If you could get, say, Lacy or another good RB for him, I'd probably do it.