Korver or J. Green
I currently own Korver. Would you drop him for Jeff Green?

12team. H2H. 15Cat.

PG,SG: George Hill
PG: Damian Lillard
PG,SG: Jeff Teague
PG,SG: Greives Vasquez
SG,SF: Aaron Afflalo
SG,SF: Kyle Korver
SF: Paul Pierce
SF,PF: Carmelo Anthony
PF,C: Derrick Favors
PF,C: LaMarcus Aldridge
PF,C: Larry Sanders
C: Marc Gasol
C: Omer Asik
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    Jefferey Williams (500 Reputation Points)
    Are you in a category league? If so what do you need 3 pointers or rebound/blocks. As of late Green has been playing some if his best ball and I only see his stat line rising through the rest of the season as the Celtics bench is dwindling due to injuries. In short if its a point league i would take Green as he has a higher ceiling.
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    Nik Bonaddio (502 Reputation Points)
    I'd take Green.
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    Anthony Best (348 Reputation Points)
    With Boston being without Rhondo the ball is spread throughout the team they are down to a 14 man roster right now, or even less meaning much more time for Green. Korver is good when he hits his threes, but that's not consistent enough for me.. I would lean towards the big man more. I don't really like either one..