good idea?!
lost by 1pt last night. need help deciding who should start / pick up

Should I pick up mccluster considering Bowe is out?

def:new england,detroit

don know who to start nd pick up : s.graham[k] g.hartley[k],d.hixon[wr] j.wright[wr] l.james[rb] p.thomas[rb][rb],

if you see that i need to make improvements somewhere, let me know [ no trade deadline]
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    Danny B (396 Reputation Points)
    I like Alex Green the best of the guys available, but I don't know which of your guys to drop to go get him. Maybe Owens or Wilson. But even if you have him, I wouldn't play him above any of your starters, with the possible exception of Bush. But this week, I like Bush's matchup better than Green's.
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    Matthews (542 Reputation Points)
    not sure how many of these positions you start, but it looks to me like the guys you have listed first are legit starts basically every wk
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    Tj Ambeau (535 Reputation Points)
    starting : t.brady,,d.alexander,v.cruz,p.garcon,m.leshoure, d.martin,o.Daniels,r.bush.avinateri,Detroit
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