who should I start an who should I trade for leshoure
Need to know who to start . 1qb 3wr 2rbs def flex
Projected the underdog
Qb: Tom Brady
Wr: D.alexander,V.cruz,P.garcon,c.givens,b.lloyd,D.heyward-bey
Rb: a.foster,Mjd,,R.bush,m.owens,
Te: O.daniels
Def: Atl , New England

Seeing how MJD maybe shut down for the rest of the season. Who should I trade for row row row your boat leshoure?
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    The Diesel (386 Reputation Points)
    How are you still able to trade at this point in the season?
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    Tj Ambeau (535 Reputation Points)
    dont have a deadline
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    Anthony Best (381 Reputation Points)
    must be nice not having a deadline! I would start Garcon, Cruz and Givens.. Foster/Owens.. and ATL D.. I would look to trade R. Bush for LeShoure. he's looks tired at this point in season.
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    RANDALL SENN (540 Reputation Points)
    Never make your best offer your first one. If they'll heyward-bey for LeShoure, I'd do it. Throw in lloyd if they reject your intial offer. WR is your only point of depth. Chances are they'll realize you're desperate and you'll have to overpay. But you'll want to keep alexander/cruz/garcon.
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