Am I over-thinking?
Could Dez Bryant be in for a letdown this week? They play on the road in Cincy vs. a Bengals secondary that is in the top 5 in fewest pass TDs allowed, in the top third of passing yards allowed, and top half of passing attempts against. Plus, the Bengals lead the league in sacks which I don't think will turn out well for the Dallas passing attack. Dez and Romo have been on a hot streak but all good things must come to an end... any thoughts on this?
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    Jacob S. (265 Reputation Points)
    You're not over-thinking. Sit him if you've got another decent option. You play people based on match-ups, and, as you pointed out, this isn't a good one for him.
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    Jimboh (500 Reputation Points)
    Outside of Dez, my best WR option is James Jones. Outside of him, I got T.Y. Hilton (non-player return league) and Brandon Stokley. My opponent plays Romo and I'm kind of handcuffed into starting DeMarco this week as well.
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    reignman (446 Reputation Points)
    Yes, you're overthinking. The light in his dim skull seems to have turned on. If you have a better option at WR, maybe you sit him. But I overthought the process and sat Julio (at home when there was this home and away pattern) for Antonio Brown. Brown got one point and Julio got 16. I lost by 14 points. In the end, you play the talent regardless of matchup.
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    The Diesel (386 Reputation Points)
    Its coming to an end. WHO DEY MOTHER FUCKER!!!!
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    J COLOMBY (500 Reputation Points)
    I'm in a similar situation. Trying to decide between Garcon and Torrey as WR2 when I am wondering if I should be going with both and sitting Dez and his tough matchup. But, to me, bottom line is this: If I lose my playoff game because Bryant gets stuffed, at least I went down with my best. If I lost with Dez on my bench, that's something I'd regret for a long time.
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    Aaron Enrico (392 Reputation Points)
    Start Dez. No brainer.