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I'm currently in first place in a points pool league and have a few players on my team I am worried about either being rested for the playoffs or that have been underperforming lately.

It's a 2-QB, 3-bench spot so real estate on my bench is scarce.

Here's my roster as of now:
QB1- Matt Ryan
QB2- RG3
RB1- Foster
RB2- Ridley
WR1- Megatron
WR2- Dez Bryant
WR3- Garcon
TE- Myers
Flex- Danario Alexander
K- Tynes
Def- Seahawks

Bench: Ben Tate, Eric Decker and Nick Foles.

Decker was an every week starter but for some reason Manning just isn't looking his way lately, which has led to Dem. Thomas becoming the man in that passing offense. I don't know if I can trust Decker going forward but he's too good to drop. But I'm leaning that way because I want to pick up Vereen as Ridley's handcuff.

I'm also thinking about starting Foles this week against the Bucs just because that Falcons offense has become complacent and have made more of an attempt to run the ball and get their games over with. They really have nothing left to play for.

I really love the Seahawks defense this week against the Cards but I am worried about the Browner/Sherman suspensions going forward. Without those two CBs that defense becomes droppable. It looks like they will both be able to play this week, which is great. However the Denver Broncos defense is coming off waivers tonight in my league and if they are available would make for an awesome D/ST ROS.

So, to wrap things up I need help with the following three questions:

Drop Decker and go with Danario/Garcon ROS in order to pick-up Vereen?

Drop Seahawks this week and go with Broncos ROS or go with a week-by-week D/ST ROS starting next week? (Rams my top choice for that)

Start Nick Foles over Matt Ryan?

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    Anthony Best (381 Reputation Points)
    I would go Garcon. he looked better yesterday than I thought he would.. good option over Decker right now. Den has some good match-ups and would/ am using them.. and I know Ryan has struggled as of late, but I just have no faith in any Philly player..
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    Anthony Best (381 Reputation Points)
    Wait. hold up on Den right now.. Forgot Sea was at home against ARi.. would stick with them this week.
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    Tom Olp (500 Reputation Points)
    I'd say first, drop Garcon. He is going to play out the rest of the year hurt, so he is a very risky play each week if he isn't up to go. Then, grab the Broncos. They will keep playing hard to try to grab the 2 or 3 seed, which won't be decided before week 17. Finally, wait one more week to decide between Foles and Ryan. If the Falcons continue to run the ball a heavy amount this week, then make the move. Hope this helps.