which defense should i start this week?
should i start the jets defense against the cardinals, the cardinals defense against the jets, the cowboys defense against the eagles, the broncos defense against the buccaneers, or the seahawks defense against the bears?
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    Anthony Best (381 Reputation Points)
    Jets have still been a good D most of the season.. not their fault their O sucks. they just get tired out during most games. THat should be a game for the D's.. I hope since I starting ARI D. Cowboys vs. Philly in Dallas is also a good option.. all are good D's..
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    Jesse Hunt (500 Reputation Points)
    Jets. Arizona O-line is the worst. Jets have the most sacks in the league. Should be feasting on the QB's body by half time.
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    Ankit Monga (424 Reputation Points)
    lol i hope ur right im starting them, thanks for your help!