Reggie Bush or Devonn Bess
I need a flex play this week. Bess has put up good scores the last three weeks and I feel Miami D wont keep up and so they will throw all game. any thought
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    RANDALL SENN (540 Reputation Points)
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    ShinraCorp (500 Reputation Points)
    The Patriots have a pretty decent run D. Bush is in a 50/50 committee with Thomas and Bush has been struggling lately which doesn't fare well for his fantasy output. Devone Bess has had a few great games recently but I think they are of equal risk but Devone Bess has a slight edge with NE's pass D.
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    Andy Hoagland (500 Reputation Points)
    Patriots will probably focus on Hartline and Bush so Bess is the best bet.Shonn Greene is Bush's closest comparable. He pulled 54 rushing yards and a TD on their first match, 71 on their second. Torrey Smith, Bess' closest comparable was able to pull out 127 and 2 TDs.