PPR - Flex - BenJarvus Green-Ellis or Pierre Garcon?
I am not sure if I trust Garcon yet but very enticing matchup against the Giants. The Law Firm has been looking good last two games but can that really keep up? I feel he may be due for a clunker. I can also flex G.Jennings, D.Alexander, D.Moore, T.Smith, or L.Moore. Thoughts?
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    Ajay Sutton (383 Reputation Points)
    Hard to trust a guy who's only played in five games all season and who many say is never going to be quite fully healthy this season.

    While it's true that BJGE has been the beneficiary of some great match ups the last two weeks, it seems more important to point out that all I saw from Cincy during those games was a commitment to the run that wasn't really there in the first half of the season. That being said, I don't think that 6.8 YPC average from the Oakland game is going to be something we see from him often. 3.5 YPC is more likely what you'll get, with 17-20 touches a game. If he can keep getting Goal Line touches, though, his value goes up quite a bit...Andy Dalton loves throwing the ball up inside the 5 and letting AJ Green go up and catch it, but the more BJGE proves he can actually punch it in as he's done lately, the more opportunities he'll get.

    T. Smith got shut out last time they played the Steelers, G. Jennings hasn't played a down of football since Week 4, D. Moore is pretty much a Score or Bust play, and D. Alexander got hurt his thigh last week. I like L. Moore but at this point I don't think he's more valuable than Garcon or BJGE, based simply on the fact that he doesn't get targeted consistently.
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    Jesse Hunt (500 Reputation Points)
    so you think I should play BJGE?
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