Too many all-stars, who to play?
Josh Freeman or Joe Flacco?
WR - Fitz, Roddy, Dez, Brandon Llloyd, Austin Miles, Kenny Britt(bye)
RB - Arian, Alfred, TRex, SJackson
Right now I am starting Fitz and Roddy, Roddy for sure, and Arian and Alfred at RB.
What say you for a WR besides Roddy?
I can't trust Brandon because his OC knows what he can do but refuses to lean on him, so, Fitz or Dez or Miles?
PS - we start only two WR's, I have SJax at Flex, I don't see anyone that would do that much better than him.
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    Shannon Jones (389 Reputation Points)
    I say Freeman, Foster, Morris, and S. Jax, Roddy and I like Dez he can get you 20pts one gm and 4pts the next, but worth the chance because of the big plays he can make. good luck
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    Anthony Best (381 Reputation Points)
    Freeman, Roddy, Miles, Foster and Morris.. Trex at flex if you have one.
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    Michael Cichy (296 Reputation Points)
    fitz, roddy, and austin, at wr, arian and morris. as for the qb situation id take a look and see if carson palmer is still available. i bet he does better than flacco or freeman
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    JD (500 Reputation Points)
    I'd have to dump an all-star to get anyone, and I can't do that, anyone I dump someone else can grab and use against me.