Stafford or Freeman?
Need help with choosing Stafford or Freeman for week 10. With C. Johnson and Titus Young both somewhat injured, would Freeman be a better choice? Stafford is at MN, Freeman is home vs SD.
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    Ryan Payton (500 Reputation Points)
    Freeman has been so hot lately---that it's tough to sit him. But--if I was DET---I would be passing as much as possible to get the Vikes down, because without Harvin---they are lacking SEVERELY in that department--and I think you would do anything to get AP basically out of the game plan as quickly as possible. It really is a toss up, man---but Stafford is playing in a dome. I'd check your split stats---but don't forget---Mega had 100+ in the first half last week when he was supposedly supposed to be "limited to 3rd downs". My gut says Stafford, but I think Freeman will have a bigger day.
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    adam schmidt (500 Reputation Points)
    Stafford. Vicks are top 5 worst defenses against QB's. Ryan makes a great point, get up early and force Minn to pass...
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    Ryan Carr (712 Reputation Points)
    Agreed on both counts. I think you'll do well with either option, but I think Freeman gets you more this week. I'd keep riding him v SD.
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    Jacob S. (265 Reputation Points)
    Stick with the hot hand. I say Freeman.