Fantasy Baseball: Which Injured Players Should You Draft and Stash?

A number of guys -- like Milwaukee's Jimmy Nelson -- look like they'll start the season on the disabled list. Which are still worth targeting, and when should you draft them?

Fantasy owners can plan for a lot of contingencies, but one of the things that is hardest to prepare for are injuries.

If you drafted Mike Trout first overall last year, you still got a terrific fantasy season out of him. Unfortunately, you also were forced to do without for him for about six weeks after he tore a ligament in his thumb. Sure, you drafted enough outfielders so you could plug in someone else in Trout's absence, but let's face it -- you're not replacing Mike Trout.

Those types of injuries are impossible to predict, but in the spring, there are always a number of players you know are injured going into the season. How do you judge which players to keep in place on your draft board and which ones to move down or ignore entirely?

Let's check out some players who head into the 2018 season with some kind of injury issue and see which are worth drafting and stashing.

For reference, all average draft position data (ADP) comes from the National Fantasy Baseball Championship.