5 Sell-High Options for Season-Long Fantasy Baseball Leagues

Aaron Judge has been fantasy's premier hitter in season-long leagues, destroying everything in his path, but he's had some good fortune in the batted-ball department. Does that make him a sell-high candidate?

In season-long fantasy baseball leagues, the format can make it difficult to invest time in trading.

Day-to-day roster management -- researching matchups, scouring the waiver wire and managing the disabled list -- is a time-consuming chore, and some of us (OK, very few) do cool stuff in real life that also takes up time. As a result, sometimes we don't have enough time to step away from it all and look at the big picture.

Let me help you out.

Last week, we used advanced statistics to give you five players who are currently being undervalued. Unlike traditional box-score junk, advanced metrics help us see how a player is truly performing, making it easier to spot players who are attractive buy-low options.

The opposite is true, as well.

Let's see which players have had productive seasons up to this point but might be in for a dip in production in the second half, making now the ideal time to flip them as sell-high candidates as you gear up for the homestretch.