Fantasy Baseball: 5 Pitchers to Stream for Week 3

A pair of matchups against weak offenses should help Joe Musgrove get going after a slow start. What other widely-available pitchers are set up to succeed in Week 3?

This third week of the 2017 MLB season marks the first turn in league-wide pitching rotations where back-end, widely-available starters are lined up for two-start weeks. In other words, welcome to streamer's paradise.

It's an embarrassment of riches, sure, but just as one can be rendered catatonic by the overwhelming number of choices available in your supermarket toothpaste aisle, seeing your waiver wire flush with compelling options can be quite intimidating.

So, let's narrow down the playing field a bit. If you're looking to make up for lost ground in the ratio categories or to simply game your league settings by maximizing your counting stats, here are the five widely-available two-start hurlers who stand out above the rest heading into Week 3.