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What You Get With Premium During March Madness

Custom Bracket Optimizer

Mix your hunches with our algorithmic picks to build the perfect bracket.

Team Comparison Tool

Deciding between two teams? We make it easy, and give you loads of advanced stats to go with it.

Rankings/Stage Odds

Want to know how far a team will go? We've got that.

Premium Content

Every day, tons of new articles, analysis, player news, and insight. You can't win if you don't know.

Game Picks

Straight to the point: who wins, and by how much, backed by the best science in the business.


The best information and projections for this year's tournament available.

Trusted by everyone, big and small

We're trusted by the biggest names in the sports world and by over 500,000 registered users around the world.
I was just getting started in DFS, but numberFire made it easy. I hit the ground running and doubled up seemingly every night."
Sam S. Premium Member since September 2009
I had seen numberFire's analytics on ESPN a few times, but I never realized all they did. I use them for everything from fantasy to betting."
Ryan Y. Premium Member since August 2011
I won my work's March Madness pool just by listening to you. The best part? I don't really know any of the teams other than Duke!"
Austin R. Premium Member since April 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between each level of service?

The Recruit package is designed for the Daily Fantasy player, giving them access to Premium articles as well as our exclusive optimal roster strategies.

The Rookie package is also enables access to our best-in-breed handicapping products, which will allow you to dominate Vegas like no other system in existence.

The All-Pro package also includes access to our game projections for NCAA football and NCAA basketball, as well as exclusive access to our March Madness analytics and advice.

What if I want to cancel?

When you'd like to cancel, click the "Cancel" button on the pricing page. That's it - couldn't be simpler than that! Please note that you cannot cancel via email; you must cancel via the "Cancel" button.

How are your handicapping picks doing?

We update our results as frequently as possible. Please click the "Results" link to access our current and historical results.

When do subscriptions end?

Subscriptions are recurring, and do not end until you cancel them.

What happens if I cancel in the middle of a month?

Once you cancel, your access is immediately revoked and your subscription will be canceled and not recur at the end of the month. You will not receive a prorated refund.

Why is your service a recurring fee?

Our services are year-round, covering all major sports for your algorithmic betting needs. In addition, we also offer hundreds of insightful Premium articles that give you leading edge opinions alongside our analytics and advice. We never take even a single day off!

What do the stars mean on your game pages?

Stars represent how much you should risk on a wager relative to what you would normally bet. For example, if you would normally bet $110 to win $100 on a -110 spread wager, if we give a 3-star ranking, we suggest risking three times that amount -- $330 to win $300. Similarly, if you would normally bet $50 to win $400 on a +800 moneyline bet, if it is a 4-star bet, we suggest betting $200 to win $1600.

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