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Why Deyonta Davis' Fall From the First Round Was So Surprising

The 19-year-old went from green room guest to second-round surprise last night. Is the joke on him, though?

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Marvin Jones Might Be the Most Undervalued Wide Receiver in Fantasy Football

The fantasy football world is in love with Golden Tate, but Marvin Jones is the real Lions' wide receiving bargain this year.

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Jakob Poeltl Is a Sure Thing for the Toronto Raptors

The ninth overall pick carries very little risk. What exactly does he bring to the table in Toronto?

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9 Takeaways From the 2016 NBA Draft

We all knew who was going off the board first, but what do you need to know about the rest of the draft?

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Serge Ibaka to Orlando: The Thunder Stole From the Magic

A big trade sent Ibaka to Orlando in exchange for three players. How does it impact each team?

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What Happened to Demaryius Thomas in 2015?

Demaryius Thomas had a down year in 2015, but can it all be corrected?

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