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Fantasy Football Roundtable: Who Should Be the Number One Receiver?

Should you draft Calvin Johnson first, or is there another receiver to take instead? Our football writers debate.

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The Case For Trading David Price to a Division Rival

If the Rays decide to sell their ace, instead of avoiding an inter-division trade, they should strive to trade their ace to a division rival.

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Lance Dunbar: The Next Under-the-Radar Scott Linehan Pass-Catching Running Back

Lance Dunbar caught his new OC's eye on tape. How will that translate to on-field performance?

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Why Ben McAdoo Will Really Help the Struggling Giants Offense

Ben McAdoo's new offensive system should help the Giants immediately. Especially quarterback Eli Manning.

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Which Point Guard Should Start for the Dallas Mavericks Next Year?

The Mavs have acquired Raymond Felton, re-upped Devin Harris, and are on the verge of signing Jameer Nelson. Who is their starter?

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Is Jamaal Charles' New Contract Good for the Chiefs?

Charles is now locked up through his age-31 season. Did the Chiefs give too much?

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Fantasy Baseball Projections
Player H HR RBI
Daniel Murphy (2B/1B, NYM) 1.38 0.06 0.39
Jose Altuve (2B, HOU) 1.37 0.03 0.30
Michael Brantley (LF/CF, CLE) 1.35 0.17 0.71
Buster Posey (C, SF) 1.30 0.16 0.66
David Ortiz (DH, BOS) 1.30 0.36 0.90
John Jaso (C, OAK) 1.29 0.18 0.74
Melky Cabrera (LF, TOR) 1.29 0.13 0.62
Brock Holt (3B/LF, BOS) 1.28 0.06 0.58
Brett Gardner (LF/CF, NYY) 1.28 0.06 0.57
Victor Martinez (DH/1B, DET) 1.27 0.15 0.59
Fantasy Baseball Projections »
Baseball Power Rankings
Team Rec nERD
Oakland Athletics 62-38 1.26
Los Angeles Angels 60-40 1.12
Los Angeles Dodgers 56-47 0.74
Detroit Tigers 56-42 0.50
Seattle Mariners 53-48 0.47
Tampa Bay Rays 49-53 0.42
Washington Nationals 55-44 0.41
San Francisco Giants 57-44 0.36
Pittsburgh Pirates 54-47 0.35
St. Louis Cardinals 54-47 0.34
Baseball Power Rankings »

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