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3 Second-String Running Backs Who Deserve to Be on Your Fantasy Team

These guys may be second on the depth chart, but they just might take your fantasy team to the top.

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Is John Brown Set to Become T.Y. Hilton Version 2.0?

T.Y. Hilton found success as a rookie under Bruce Arians, but will John Brown be able to do the same?

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Why Le'Veon Bell Can Overcome Losing Goal-Line Touches

There's a big scare about Le'Veon Bell's fantasy potential now that LeGarrette Blount might take over near the goal line. Is it warranted?

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Tim Wright to New England: Should You Add Him in Fantasy Football?

The Patriots traded guard Logan Mankins to Tampa Bay for a fourth-round pick and Tim Wright. Is Wright ownable in fantasy now?

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How Are the Yankees Still in Playoff Contention?

Manager Joe Girardi is keeping the Yankees afloat with smoke and mirrors.

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Is Aaron Dobson the Non-Edelman Receiver to Own From New England?

We all know Julian Edelman should be Tom Brady's favorite wide receiver target this year, but who's next in line?

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Today's Numbers

Fantasy Baseball Projections
Player H HR RBI
Dee Gordon (2B/SS, LAD) 1.49 0.06 0.57
Buster Posey (C, SF) 1.44 0.17 0.66
Denard Span (CF, WSH) 1.41 0.02 0.35
Carlos Gomez (CF, MIL) 1.39 0.27 0.62
Kennys Vargas (1B, MIN) 1.38 0.19 0.61
Yasiel Puig (RF/CF, LAD) 1.37 0.25 0.85
Justin Morneau (1B, COL) 1.36 0.11 0.56
Charlie Blackmon (CF/RF, COL) 1.35 0.16 0.49
Pablo Sandoval (3B, SF) 1.35 0.19 0.65
Ben Revere (CF/RF, PHI) 1.33 0.00 0.27
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Baseball Power Rankings
Team Rec nERD
Oakland Athletics 77-54 1.01
Los Angeles Angels 78-53 0.95
Los Angeles Dodgers 75-58 0.74
Seattle Mariners 72-59 0.65
Washington Nationals 75-56 0.57
Tampa Bay Rays 64-68 0.44
Cleveland Indians 67-63 0.35
San Francisco Giants 69-62 0.33
Baltimore Orioles 75-55 0.29
Detroit Tigers 71-59 0.28
Baseball Power Rankings »

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