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Which Team Had the Toughest Path to Get to the Final Four?

Which of the Final Four teams went through the toughest battle to get there this year?

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Trying to Solve the Michael Floyd Puzzle: Why Did He Struggle in 2014?

Expectations were high for Floyd in 2014, but he failed to meet them. Who is to blame?

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The 2004 NFL Quarterback Draft Class: How Did We Get Here and Where Are We Going?

The big three quarterbacks from the 2004 draft class are getting ready for their careers' final stretch. What should we expect?

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Using Our MLB Power Rankings to Evaluate the Average Draft Position of Relief Pitchers

A prerequisite of a save is a win. Despite this, the top two relievers off the board are on teams that rank in the bottom third of numberFire's power rankings.

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Which Running Backs Entering the 2015 NFL Draft Were Most Productive in the Red Zone?

The 2015 running back class is a very productive group, but which backs had the most success inside of the 20-yard line in their career?

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6 Important Pitching Questions Entering the 2015 MLB Season

Jake Arrieta is one of a few starting pitchers looking to show his 2014 success wasn't a fluke.

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Today's Numbers

Daily Fantasy NBA Projections
Player Reb Ast Pts
Stephen Curry (G, GS) 4.3 7.7 24.0
Blake Griffin (FC, LAC) 7.8 5.1 22.8
Klay Thompson (GF, GS) 3.4 2.9 21.5
Dwyane Wade (G, MIA) 3.6 5.2 21.1
Brook Lopez (C, BKN) 8.9 0.9 20.6
Chris Paul (PG, LAC) 4.6 9.7 19.4
Paul Millsap (FC, ATL) 8 3.1 17.4
George Hill (G, IND) 4.1 5.1 17.3
Reggie Jackson (G, DET) 5 6.4 16.7
Goran Dragic (G, MIA) 3.6 4.5 16.5
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NBA Power Rankings
Team Rec Champs nERD
Golden State Warriors 60-13 41.8% 82.5
Los Angeles Clippers 49-25 11.4% 71.4
San Antonio Spurs 47-26 5.1% 63.9
Atlanta Hawks 55-18 9.5% 63.9
Cleveland Cavaliers 48-27 7.9% 61.1
Dallas Mavericks 45-29 2.3% 61.0
Portland Trail Blazers 47-25 2.7% 60.4
Memphis Grizzlies 50-24 2.9% 58.5
Houston Rockets 50-23 3.4% 58.4
Toronto Raptors 43-30 4.1% 57.5
Basketball Power Rankings »

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