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An Inside Look at the Cavaliers' Improved Defense

An average defense in the regular season, the Cavs have become one of the very best defensive teams in the playoffs.

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NBA Finals Odds: LeBron James and Company Don't Have Much of a Chance

LeBron James has had an incredible playoff run, but it's likely to end without another ring.

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4 Daily Fantasy Baseball Stacks for 5/29/15

The Minnesota Twins have been big against left-handed pitching this year, and they get a date with Mark Buehrle tonight.

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Which Potential NHL Stanley Final Matchup Is Most Likely to Happen?

The first of two Game 7 matchups is tonight between the Lightning and Rangers. Which team is most likely to represent the East in the Finals?

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4 Reasons Why Firing Tom Thibodeau Was the Right Decision for the Chicago Bulls

After five successful seasons, Thibodeau is out of Chicago. We could have seen it coming.

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10 Wide Receivers Who Thrived in Bad Situations Last Year

Anquan Boldin rarely gets the love he deserves in real and fantasy football.

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Today's Numbers

Daily Fantasy MLB Projections
Player PA HR AVG
Rafael Ynoa (SS/3B, COL) 4.65 0.07 0.308
Jose Altuve (2B, HOU) 4.48 0.06 0.310
Lorenzo Cain (CF/RF, KC) 4.61 0.07 0.292
Bryce Harper (RF/CF, WSH) 4.60 0.27 0.318
A.J. Pollock (CF, ARI) 4.66 0.08 0.287
Carlos Gomez (CF, MIL) 4.66 0.23 0.287
Denard Span (CF, WSH) 4.94 0.06 0.275
Ben Revere (CF/RF, PHI) 4.61 0.10 0.278
Paul Goldschmidt (1B, ARI) 4.55 0.28 0.311
Michael Cuddyer (LF/1B, NYM) 4.21 0.18 0.314
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NBA Power Rankings
Team Rec Champs nERD
Golden State Warriors 67-15 78.8% 80.7
Los Angeles Clippers 56-26 0.0% 72.0
San Antonio Spurs 55-27 0.0% 66.9
Atlanta Hawks 60-22 0.0% 64.8
Dallas Mavericks 50-32 0.0% 60.9
Portland Trail Blazers 51-31 0.0% 59.8
Cleveland Cavaliers 53-29 21.2% 59.7
Houston Rockets 56-26 0.0% 59.1
Memphis Grizzlies 55-27 0.0% 59.1
Chicago Bulls 50-32 0.0% 58.7
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