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Is Bryce Petty the Future of the New York Jets?

The Jets went out and snagged another quarterback, Bryce Petty, through the draft. Is Petty the one?

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Tevin Coleman to the Atlanta Falcons: These Birds Just Got Explosive

The Falcons don't have a true lead back, but that may have changed last week during the NFL Draft.

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Is Matt Jones a Threat to Alfred Morris?

After being a surprise third-round selection for the Redskins, will Matt Jones supplant Alfred Morris as the starter in Washington?

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Why T.J Yeldon Will Disappoint in Jacksonville

The Jaguars needed a running back, and they got one in T.J. Yeldon. Don't get too excited about his potential there though.

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How Does Ameer Abdullah Fit With the Detroit Lions?

Abdullah will contend with Theo Riddick to replace Reggie Bush, but his track record suggests he can do just that.

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4 Daily Fantasy Baseball Stacks for 5/5/15

Thrown into a plus matchup, the San Diego Padres provide a cheap, high-upside stacking option for tonight's slate.

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Today's Numbers

Daily Fantasy MLB Projections
Player PA HR AVG
Jose Altuve (2B, HOU) 4.69 0.05 0.323
Matt Kemp (RF/CF, SD) 4.54 0.16 0.324
James Loney (1B, TB) 4.65 0.09 0.299
Jacoby Ellsbury (CF, NYY) 4.84 0.11 0.289
Justin Turner (3B/2B, LAD) 4.45 0.14 0.311
Rajai Davis (CF/LF, DET) 4.84 0.05 0.281
Ben Revere (CF/RF, PHI) 4.81 0.04 0.277
Josh Reddick (RF, OAK) 4.64 0.15 0.288
Michael Brantley (LF/CF, CLE) 4.55 0.11 0.296
Howie Kendrick (2B, LAD) 4.67 0.13 0.276
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NBA Power Rankings
Team Rec Champs nERD
Golden State Warriors 67-15 39.4% 80.7
Los Angeles Clippers 56-26 23.6% 72.0
San Antonio Spurs 55-27 0.0% 66.9
Atlanta Hawks 60-22 11.9% 64.8
Dallas Mavericks 50-32 0.0% 60.9
Portland Trail Blazers 51-31 0.0% 59.8
Cleveland Cavaliers 53-29 5.2% 59.7
Houston Rockets 56-26 3.5% 59.1
Memphis Grizzlies 55-27 4.2% 59.1
Chicago Bulls 50-32 8.3% 58.7
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