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Predicting Running Back Turnover in the NFL: Should We Have Seen the LeSean McCoy Trade Coming?

The recent LeSean McCoy trade sent shockwaves throughout the sports world. Could we have seen it coming?

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He Did What?: Taking a Look at Russell Westbrook’s Historic Run

Russell Westbrook’s 49 points, 16 rebounds, and 10 assists in the Thunder’s overtime victory is setting the record books ablaze.

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2015 Fantasy Baseball Second Base Rankings: Altuve on Top

The diminutive Altuve dominated the base paths in 2014. Who follows him in our projections?

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Just How Historic Was Anthony Davis' Game Against the Pistons?

The Brow was two blocks shy of a triple-double, but his stat line was still in rare company.

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Why Teams Should Be Cautious About Julius Thomas in Free Agency

Julius Thomas has scored a lot of touchdowns in a Broncos uniform, but his free agency prospects are not without concerns.

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Buyer Beware: The Impact of Signing a Free Agent Running Back

With guys like DeMarco Murray potentially hitting the open market this year, it's worthwhile to ask whether free agent running backs are worth the price they demand.

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Today's Numbers

Daily Fantasy NBA Projections
Player Reb Ast Pts
Russell Westbrook (PG, OKC) 8.5 8.8 28.4
LaMarcus Aldridge (FC, POR) 11.1 2.0 23.3
Damian Lillard (PG, POR) 4.7 6.5 21.7
Monta Ellis (G, DAL) 2.8 4.7 20.3
Pau Gasol (FC, CHI) 11.7 2.9 18.4
Dirk Nowitzki (FC, DAL) 6.5 1.9 18.3
Aaron Brooks (PG, CHI) 2.6 4.3 16.2
Wesley Matthews (GF, POR) 3.8 2.3 16.1
Serge Ibaka (FC, OKC) 7.8 1.0 14.4
Enes Kanter (C, OKC) 8 0.8 13.8
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NBA Power Rankings
Team Rec Champs nERD
Golden State Warriors 47-12 34.2% 81.2
Los Angeles Clippers 40-22 11.3% 71.1
Atlanta Hawks 48-12 15.0% 67.6
Dallas Mavericks 40-22 5.2% 66.4
Portland Trail Blazers 40-19 3.9% 62.0
Memphis Grizzlies 43-17 3.7% 61.0
Toronto Raptors 38-23 5.6% 59.6
Cleveland Cavaliers 39-24 5.3% 59.6
San Antonio Spurs 37-23 2.2% 59.3
Houston Rockets 41-20 3.1% 59.1
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