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Today's Numbers

Fantasy Baseball Projections
Player H HR RBI
Juan Lagares (CF, NYM) 1.54 0.09 0.70
Alexei Ramirez (SS, CHW) 1.45 0.10 0.50
Angel Pagan (CF, SF) 1.42 0.07 0.69
Pablo Sandoval (3B, SF) 1.39 0.16 0.98
Mike Trout (CF/LF, LAA) 1.38 0.46 1.11
Andrew Lambo (RF, PIT) 1.38 0.00 0.32
Hunter Pence (RF/CF, SF) 1.38 0.15 0.99
Danny Santana (CF/SS, MIN) 1.37 0.10 0.47
Billy Hamilton (CF/SS, CIN) 1.34 0.05 0.32
Ben Revere (CF/RF, PHI) 1.34 0.03 0.29
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Baseball Power Rankings
Team Rec nERD
Los Angeles Angels 83-53 0.97
Oakland Athletics 78-58 0.95
Los Angeles Dodgers 77-60 0.81
Seattle Mariners 73-62 0.59
San Francisco Giants 74-62 0.55
Washington Nationals 77-58 0.54
Tampa Bay Rays 66-71 0.42
Baltimore Orioles 79-56 0.36
Cleveland Indians 70-64 0.35
Pittsburgh Pirates 71-65 0.27
Baseball Power Rankings »

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