Will Mike Trout get to 50 SB or 30 HR?
33 SB already and 18 bombs. Will he get either? or Both?
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    Andrew Bryk (192 Reputation Points)
    With 56 games left, I think Trout will be much more likely to get 50 SB as opposed to 30 HR. With 33 SB's and 18 HR's in 83 games, it averages out to about 1 SB for every 2.5 games and 1 HR for just under every 5 games. If he continues at this pace, he will add a bit over 20 SB's by the end of the season to finish with around 55 and add about 10 HR's to finish with just under 30 HR's. I could see him getting both but it will be close a close call.
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    jason thomas (500 Reputation Points)
    He should do both. I cant see why not. Angels are in a pennant race, so his legs will be in effect just as much as his bat.