I'm a sizable underdog in my final. Need a QB scoring bonanza to pull my fat out of the fire. Who to start? He's got Ryan
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    benjamin cox (500 Reputation Points)
    I like AROD is your guy. Peyton is so solid, but I see a ton of Knowshon in the second half there. Rodgers has no run game, so he might fling it around a little longer.
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    John Barraza (364 Reputation Points)
    Firstly, you have great options. You should be fine whomever you choose. That being said, I think it's clear you've got to go with Rodgers. Although Manning is as close to his peak as he'll get for the remainder of his career, Green Bay's matchup against Tennessee gives Rodgers the edge.
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    Erich Hyneck (500 Reputation Points)