TE Troubles
Who should I start Heath miller, Jermaine Gresham, Greg Olsen or go off the grid with Dustin Keller cuz I heard he might do well this week against Jacksonville???
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    Adam Savrin (349 Reputation Points)
    Keller has a high ankle sprain. Stay away. Dont get cute. Go with Gresham.
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    Jessica Morris (500 Reputation Points)
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    Marc Noland (683 Reputation Points)
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    RANDALL SENN (540 Reputation Points)
    With Ben likely to play, I'd go w/Miller. If he's not able to play Gresham over the others, Dalton has been giving him a lot of targets.
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    Kacee Giger (624 Reputation Points)
    For this week, I would rank them Gresham > Miller > Keller > Olsen.