Romelu Lukaku's Transfer Decision Could Drastically Alter the Upcoming Premier League Season

As the news and rumors ramp up, Lukaku's next destination is the headline of the summer transfer window in England. Where will Lukaku go, and will he bring championship glory to his next club?

The Romelu Lukaku transfer saga has recently heated up with recent reports that Manchester United have agreed a fee for the 24-year-old, somewhere in the region of £75 million. This would be a massive coup for the Red Devils, considering the Belgian striker seemed destined to return to Chelsea after summer-long rumors that stated it was just a matter of time.

Everton have had other plans, it appears. Whether Chelsea was just working too hard to grind down the price for the striker or the Toffees were just waiting for competition remains to be seen, but it seems like there is a bidding war for Lukaku now, and understandably so.

Since his first loan period at West Bromwich Albion, Lukaku has been a consistent goal scorer in a league that sees that very rarely. Since he was 19, Lukaku has been dominating, embarrassing and confusing Premier League defenders, and it looks like he's hitting his prime.

Club, Season Minutes Goals Assists
West Brom, 2012-13 2,006 17 4
Everton, 2013-14 2,564 15 4
Everton, 2014-15 2,877 10 5
Everton, 2015-16 3,177 18 6
Everton, 2016-17 3,267 25 6

The combination of his impressive 6'3", 207-pound frame, exquisite touch and clinical finishing has made him one of the most complete forwards the Premier League has seen in recent memory. He transcends the prototypical "target man" that English football loves, and his 85 goals and 25 assists prove that.

For both Chelsea and United, Lukaku, or at least what he represents, will be imperative. The recent departure of Manchester's Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the continued rumors that Blues front man Diego Costa is returning to Atletico Madrid means that both club will not only be looking for a long-term option at striker, but also one that will hurt both Everton and whoever misses out on the Belgian.

Only Sergio Aguero has scored more Premier League goals than Romelu Lukaku over the past five years, which makes sense considering Aguero has been in in his prime for the majority of those five seasons. That kind of striking power is a top priority in order to challenge for the EPL title, and Aguero's two titles with Manchester City are evidence of that.

Top 5 Premier League Scorers Since 2012-13 Goals
Sergio Aguero 99
Romelu Lukaku 85
Harry Kane 78
Olivier Giroud 69
Christian Benteke 66

Lukaku's talent and goals is such that it may legitimately decide the Premier League this season. Chelsea might not look like they need the help after this past season, but Chelsea do not have a striker of that quality to slide in behind Costa.

Lukaku is a legitimate star who should be able to handle the spotlight at either club, which is always a concern. It's already a sensible signing for both clubs, and in the current transfer market, £75 million is a pretty good price for a proven, star striker.

Obviously, having the top scorer does not always translate to trophies, but if you want to contend for the crown, you need a bonafide goalscorer in the side.

YearPlayerTeamGoals ScoredTeam's Finish
2012-13Robin Van PersieManchester United261st
2013-14Luis SuarezLiverpool312nd
2014-15Sergio AgueroManchester City262nd
2015-16Harry KaneTottenham252nd
2016-17Harry KaneTottenham292nd

Considering Lukaku's track record and continued growth, the money should be worth it. Either way, there's just about no way that the addition of Lukaku will end up as a negative transaction for either club.

United will be looking to return to the glory that Sir Alex Ferguson brought on a yearly basis, while Chelsea will be looking to nab back-to-back EPL titles. No matter how it plays out, this transfer will be the most important one of the summer in England, and it could end up being one of the most important factors in who will finish top of the table this upcoming season.