4 FanDuel Premier League Trends to Exploit for Matchweeks 32 and 33

An international break and previously postponed games will impact teams in the coming matchweeks. What other trends will influence the Premier League at this point in the season?

The matchweek numbers in the title are a bit misleading, but all the Premier League teams will be back on track soon. Starting Saturday there will be at least one match on nine of the next 10 days. Brighton is the only team that has yet to play at least 30 matches.

Given the strange scheduling, this article is geared towards FanDuel's main slate that begins Saturday at 11:00 a.m. EST that features six matches through to the expected main slate on April 6th.

Matchweek 32
Saturday, March 30th
Southampton at Brighton
Wolverhampton at Burnley
Huddersfield at Crystal Palace
Bournemouth at Leicester City
Watford at Manchester United
Everton at West Ham

Here is the anticipated slate for April 6th, which will begin at 10:00 a.m. EST.

Matchweek 33
Saturday, April 6th
Burnley at Bournemouth
Leicester City at Huddersfield
Crystal Palace at Newcastle

Once again, the relegation battle will be the focus on both slates. Manchester United are the only top-six team that make an appearance on either slate. Urgency could be a theme over the next sets of fixtures.

Let's see what other trends are in play heading into those fixtures.