3 FanDuel Premier League Trends to Exploit for Matchweek 31

A sparse Premier League schedule remains heading into the weekend. What do the trends tell us about the three-game slate?

The number of Premier League games remaining can be counted on two hands. Teams have very few opportunities to stamp their place in the table.

This article is geared towards FanDuel's main slate that begins Saturday at 11:00 a.m. EST and features just three matches.

Matchweek 31
Saturday, March 16th
Leicester City at Burnley
Newcastle at Bournemouth
Huddersfield at West Ham

The storylines can be few and far between when there are only three games on the slate. However, the trends shed light on why the schedule looks this way and its impact this week and beyond. Let's see what trends are in play heading into the next set of fixtures.