4 FanDuel Premier League Trends to Exploit for Matchweeks 24 and 25

The biggest trend in the Premier League may be the form of Manchester United. They have a chance to continue the narrative during the next two fixtures.

The FA Cup takes over the regular Premier League time slots this weekend, so the next two set of fixtures are jammed next to one another. Beginning January 29, there will be matches on five of seven days. This post will focus on the two biggest slates in that time frame.

This article is geared towards FanDuel's main slate that begins Tuesday at 2:45 p.m. EST and features six matches as well as the Saturday, February 2nd slate that begins at 10:00 a.m. EST and also features six matches.

Matchweek 24
Tuesday, January 29th
Cardiff City at Arsenal
Brighton at Fulham
West Ham at Wolverhampton
Everton at Huddersfield
Burnley at Manchester United
Manchester City at Newcastle

Here is the February 2nd slate.

Matchweek 25
Saturday, February 2nd
Huddersfield at Chelsea
Fulham at Crystal Palace
Southampton at Burnley
Watford at Brighton
Wolverhampton at Everton
Bournemouth at Cardiff City

Only three teams do not appear on either slate. They include two of the top three with Liverpool and Tottenham playing their matches at other times over the next 10 days. Leicester are the other team that will not make an appearance on the larger slates, but they have a date with league leader Liverpool on January 30.

Let's see what trends are in play heading into the next two sets of fixtures.