3 FanDuel Premier League Trends to Exploit for Matchweek 1

The World Cup will impact roster construction in week 1 of the Premier League. What other trends should be on your mind ahead of opening weekend?

It is hard to have any established trends in the first few weeks of the season, so we're here to touch on past trends in the Premier League that can be useful in playing the main FanDuel slate for Matchweek 1.

Matchweek 1
Saturday, August 11th
Everton at Wolverhampton
Crystal Palace at Fulham
Cardiff City at Bournemouth
Chelsea at Huddersfield
Brighton at Watford

This new weekly feature will look at how teams are playing once they establish their identity. Form, home and away stats, pricing changes, and ownership are among the many topics that will be covered.

Outside of our main points, there are some interesting trends that do not heavily impact the slate. Harry Kane has still not scored in August, but the World Cup Golden Boot winner will look to change that over the next few weeks. Kane is among many players returning to the Premier League from their national team and one that may not play for a couple weeks.

Half of Belgium's team plays in England and they played until the next-to-last day of the tournament. We'll have more on how their returns to their respective teams could impact your FanDuel team later.

With that in mind, let's look at trends that can impact this week's slate.