Who should I start on FanDuel: Karl-Anthony Towns or Nikola Vucevic?
Karl-Anthony Towns K. Towns C MIN @ CLE Projected FP: 33.46 Proj FP: 33.46 Actual FP: 49.2 Actual FP: 49.2
Nikola Vucevic N. Vucevic FC ORL @ MEM Projected FP: 40.84 Proj FP: 40.84 Actual FP: 38.3 Actual FP: 38.3
  • Nykki Wright (493 Reputation Points)
    Based on history, KAT will give you about 30 FP. Cleveland will blowout out Minnesota, so Lebron will be taken out after third quarter. none of the other centers can handle KAT. Vucevic is great and I would normally pick him, but Memphis has good defense.