Trade away Ryan Matthews and Jamal Charles, Receive Andre Johnson, Julio Jones, and Mikel Leshoure?
I haven't been liking the consistency of Matthews and Charles. My number 1 back is Ray Rice and I also have Shonn Greene. My current receivers are Jeremy Maclin and Hakeem Nicks who are too inconsistent as well. Good Deal?
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    Kacee Giger (624 Reputation Points)
    I like this trade as long as your other RB's (Rice and Greene) stay healthy as you have lost some depth there. However, if your goal was consistency, you probably could have done better than the three guys you're picking up (they've been up and down all year as well).
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    Tom Olp (500 Reputation Points)
    Yes. I think that Rice/Leshoure/Jones/Nicks is much better than Rice/Matthews/Nicks/Maclin. You may be giving up a little bit at the flex, but I think that it makes you a better team.