Can I trade Arian Foster for Kenjon Barner?
The Oregon Ducks' RB had 350 (324 rushing, 26 receiving) all purpose yards and 5 TD's against USC, which would be 65 fantasy points in my league.
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    Matthews (542 Reputation Points)
    do the this a ppr?
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    Todd Swenor (393 Reputation Points)
    What the hell kinda league do you play in??? Id suggest Zot Org from Venus South or Ziggy Flapps 4000 receiving yards over A. Foster 4 sure!!! WTF are we talkin about????
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    Eli Bogursky (301 Reputation Points)
    I would do that for sure. I'd like to have Johnny Manziel at QB and Marqise Lee at WR also. Those three would beat full teams of NFL players some weeks.
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    Eli Bogursky (301 Reputation Points)
    They would have had a combined 130 points this week, Barner with 65, Manziel with 37 and Lee with 28.