Trade help
I was offered Cam Newton and Aaron Hernandez for Willis Magahee.

That would leave me with Ray Rice and Ridley as my only RB's worth noting. My QB is Romo, as I picked him up off waivers this week. My TE is Heath Miller. I usuallly can answer my own questions but I just want someone elses take.

4 pts for a passing td. .5ppr
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    Anthony Best (381 Reputation Points)
    HOnestly right now Cam is not that much better than Romo.. Both stink, but no reason you need to get rid of your depth at RB.
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    dong le (461 Reputation Points)
    Dont trade u are fine this week
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    Matthews (542 Reputation Points)
    i dont know that cam is any better than romo...and miller is a top te, id probably keep mcgahee since rb depth is so hard to come by, but i am a firm believer in rb position as most important
    jason thomas (500 Reputation Points)
    That is sort of what I was thinking, except I'm not sure Miller is elite. Not sure anyone but Gronk is elite at TE at this point. I also never like to take guys who are coming off injuries. It seems if a guy get injured, legs related, he never comes back completely.
    Matthews (542 Reputation Points)
    i wouldnt say elite either but his production is in the top tier and there is no reason to think hernandez will be any better than him imo