Good blockbuster trade?
Trade Away:
- Mike Wallace
- Ryan Matthews

- Dwayne Bowe
- Dustin Keller
- Fred Jackson
- Santana Moss

Only one flex in our league. I have Greg Olsen at TE. Ray Rice and Pierre Thomas at RB. Colston and Roddy White at WR.
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    Brandon Harris (544 Reputation Points)
    I would not do this trade. You are giving away to two best players in this deal (Wallace>Bowe). Matthews is a top 10 running back and Fred Jackson is no better than a RB2. Keller is better than Olsen but you could give up much less for a better tight end. Santana Moss will ride your bench all year.
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    BEAST MODE (607 Reputation Points)
    No Effing way bro. As Brandon said you are clearly giving away the 2 best pieces. Not only that, you give up only 2 roster spots and have to take on 4, meaning you have to dump 2 players on your roster. Bowe is a great player in a dead offense. Dustin has been hurt. Fred is an RB2 at best. Moss a WR3 at best. No way.
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    Anthony Best (381 Reputation Points)
    No way!! If you only have Thomas at RB2 after this why would you get rid of Mathews who is a solid RB2 or low end Rb1 in deep leagues. Wallace is a little better than Bowe, Fjax is not close to Mathews.. Moss is pointless. there should be other ways for you to get Keller.