I dont know what to do about Bowe tonight.
Im 3 and 5 and need this one. Half point PPR

Here's my lineup this week:

Matthew Stafford
Darren Sproles
Alfred Morris
Dwayne Bowe
Larry Fitzgerald
James Jones
Tony Gonzalez
Seattle Seahawks
Blair Walsh

Here's my options:
Fred Jackson
CJ Spiller
Titus Young
Kendall Hunter
Everyone else is either out or on bye...
Thanks for the help.
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    Jacob S. (265 Reputation Points)
    Does KC even have a QB on their roster?? I'd probably go with Young and hope his momentum from last game carries over, or, I'd go with Jackson as they will be playing from behind so Fitzpatrick will be an even bigger passing fool than normal.
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    Tieg Gonzalez (500 Reputation Points)
    Yeah, Ive been thinking about throwing in a Bills back. Against Tennesee I saw Jackson line up as a receiver a bunch of times. He was also present in like 50 of 70 snaps.
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    Anthony Best (381 Reputation Points)
    KC should be playing from behind.. Sd gives up a lot of yards and td's through the air.. and Bowe is king of garbage time and I'm pretty sure Cassel is QB.. I play Bowe.
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