Need TE help with Hernandez on bye???
Who to play? PPR league: Myers, D. Allen, M. Lewis, Clark or Cook?
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    Adam Savrin (349 Reputation Points)
    Well, Cook is the most talented. Myers gets the most targets. Allen is the most interesting. He's outplayed Fleener and now Fleener is on the shelf for a couple of weeks. I'd rule out Lewis and Clark (haha - lewis & clark)

    I have Hernandez too and I'm going with Greg Olsen (I dropped Rudolph to do it).

    Cook actually has the best matchup. Chicago has been pretty bad against TEs. Myers has been great in a PPR. I think you're pretty safe with any of those three - Cook, Allen, Myers. Thats the order I'd rank them. Myers does get a bonus because its PPR, so he might end up being the safest.

    I dont know if any of this helped, but good luck.
    Myers is probably better considering you're in a PPR. Cook has a lot of upside though.
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