Have Brees and Ryan, need help trading for decent RB
I know I can't tell you what all the other teams look like and you'd have to guess if someone would be willing to trade, but what are some combos and who do you think I could reel in with the right offer? I desperately need a reliable running back. Standard Scoring, 10 person league.

QB - Brees, Ryan
WR - Cruz
WR - A. Brown
RB - Turner
RB - Jennings
W/R - M. Floyd
TE - Miller
K - Bryant
DEF - PIT, OAK (I drop/add defenses based on matchups)

BN: D. Richardson, Shorts, Wright, Gordon

Or even a reliable WR
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    Anthony Best (381 Reputation Points)
    If your trying to trade Brees or Ryan for an RB.. A decent one is underselling them.. you should get a top 3 qb for one of them!!
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    Le (435 Reputation Points)
    Ridley is on a bye this week and Jamal Charles looks weak bc of bad coaching. If either of those owners needs a QB, I'd trade since you don't need it. Brees and Ryan are usually starters on their own. And you may be able to get a WR too in the trade.
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    Josh Wade (500 Reputation Points)
    It depends way too much on what the other teams have. If someone has Cutler and Vick at quarterback and crazy depth at running back, then you can probably take your pick. If they have Cutler and Vick, but only the minimum startable WR/RB, then you're only going to get their worst one of the lot.

    Your best bet though is to try and make the argument based on overall team improvement. Let's assume you're trading Ryan (24.9PPG), and you're targeting someone with Cutler (14.7PPG) at QB, Adrian Peterson (17.2PPG), Doug Martin (15.1PPG) in play, and Darren Sproles (10.2PPG) on their bench.

    Initially, they're going to look at it and not want to give up their RB1 for your backup quarterback. Here's how you break it down:

    They gain 10.2 points per game at QB, and lose 5 points per game at RB, so their team is +5.2 overall.
    They gain 10.2 points per game at QB, and lose 7 points per game at RB, so their team is +3.2 overall.

    You can easily argue that you should get Peterson, even though we're talking about the #2 RB versus the #5 QB.