Flex and RB situation
This is a full PPR league.

Running back-wise, I have Alfred Morris and Ryan Mathews slotted in currently. Reggie Bush, Stevan Ridley, Rashad Jennings, and Rashard Mendenhall are on the bench.

I fully expect Morris to keep up his production, and Mathews is finally set to go off big. Bush is going up against the Jets, which is enticing. I already have Welker and Hernandez (as long as Graham doesn't go) in, and I don't know if I want to run with three Pats, so that leaves Ridley most likely on the side. Mendy is hurt. Jennings is the x-factor here. He should get an outrageous amount of carries, but I really don't know much about him. Is he worth a start?

Keep in mind that any of these guys could also go in my Flex position, which currently has Dwayne Bowe starting. The other options here outside of RB are Malcom Floyd (who I really like against the Browns) and Aaron Hernandez if Jimmy Graham goes. Bowe is definitely the "best" out of these three, but he has an awful QB throwing to him. But he's also against a terrible Oakland D.

Make my decisions for me, please.
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    Thomas Naughton (458 Reputation Points)
    Keeping in mind that Jacksonville is playing Green Bay this week, which means that by about the middle of the 2nd quarter, the Jags will be in full catchup mode, at the cost of the running game. I'd keep Morris and Mathews starting this week, even with Morris' less than ideal matchup. At your Flex, I'd be inclined to start Hernandez (If Graham plays), as Bowe has scored 64.25% of his points in only 2 games this year, and now has a QB who should be a career 3rd stringer throwing him the ball. I don't like Floyd as much as most people this week as he's likely going to be getting a lot of attention from Joe Haden this week. I agree with the points you made on Ridley and Mendy though. To me, Bush is the interesting play, but his YPC has dropped from 6.1 in week 3, to 3.9 in week 4, 2.5 in week 5, and bottomed out at 1.4 in week 6. So to me, he's too much risk for the possible reward.
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    Andy Cochrane (110 Reputation Points)
    I personally thin. Would star Jennings at flex. He will get the carries and could get more "safe" points at flex than Bowe.