Amendola PPR
I got two good answers yesterday but I'd really like a majority. Im trying to stash Danny while he's hurt as a great 4th receiver to back up my 3 top 5 guys. I also have Arian foster and Ben Tate, but no good defense (PIT). Atlanta defense is on waivers but id need to grab atl now.

Should I: 1) stand pat 2) drop Tate (also have Charles and Doug Martin) for atl, hope Tate doesn't get scooped and drop my current d for him next week, 3) drop amendola for atl, hope amendola doesn't get scooped and drop current d for him next week, or 4) drop Scott chandler and play gimpy Bennett, my least favorite option. Amendola would start for/improve at least one playoff team.
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    Anthony Best (381 Reputation Points)
    i am thinking you would have to stash Amendola for at least 5 weeks.. If you can hold on that long then stash him and drop Tate. I would grab ATL D after this week as it is their bye week.
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    Ken Taylor (500 Reputation Points)
    Don''t drop Amendola........he might be back in 3 weeks.
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    Jay Fisher (500 Reputation Points)
    Drop Tate. You're never going to start him unless Foster goes down. Down count on that happening but if it does you still have good RBs.
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    Kevin Bryant (500 Reputation Points)
    How deep and active is your league? With you having 5 WR it seems that you have plenty of depth in the WR ranks. If your league isn't that active or they just jump on the "hot" waiver wire pickup then you probably don't risk much in floating Amendola