Trade help: Would you trade Brandon Lloyd for Mikel Leshoure?
I have AP, Shady McCoy and Mendenhall as RBs so far... with Shady on bye and Mendy looking murky, I am in serious RB trouble this week as there is nothing on the waiver wire. My receivers besides Lloyd are DeSean Jackson, Stevie Johnson, Donnie Avery, Stephen Hill. Your input is appreciated.

The other team also has Frank Gore, BJGE, Steven Jackson and Vick Ballard at RB.
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    Anton Deljaj (500 Reputation Points)
    I'd make the trade. It's not like Brandon Lloyd has been that great this year, and with the re-emergence of Welker, I only see his value going down. Sell while you can. Besides, I think you can manage just fine with Stevie and DeSean and even possibly Avery at FLEX
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    Matthias Witt (430 Reputation Points)
    Yeah that's what I was thinking. What I didn't consider is that this guy also has Welker, so he might be unwilling to take Lloyd... but I'll try to figure something out. Thanks for your answer.
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    Jack Crow (500 Reputation Points)
    I like the trade. Leshoure is in a good spot in Detroit, he's not going to be competing all that much for the bulk of the work. Lloyd's production has been really average, not any better than the other receivers you have...I would do it.
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    Matthews (542 Reputation Points)
    i would probably make the trade but i think both are similar in value, it just depends on what your depth needs are