should I trade cruz and dez bryant for mendanhall gates and j.nelson
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    Robert Shorts (500 Reputation Points)
    no, noooooo! cruz is better than gates and jordy nelson. Mendenhall is still a little hurt so be cautious with him. Cruz is a top 5 wr and dez bryant is better than jordy nelson right now...gates is an ok te, not a top 5 anymore and gets ok points. you would be better off rolling with the te's you have or looking in the waiver wire
    TJ Ambeau (500 Reputation Points)
    who do you think would be an ideal person to trade for aaron hernendez
    Robert Shorts (500 Reputation Points)
    you could package bryant and your recent te for him if you can spare it. I got lucky because in my league hernadez's owner dropped him when he got hurt so i picked him up in time