RB/WR waiver question?
D. Richardson and M. Hardesty are available in my league. I need RB depth, Would picking up one of those RB's and dropping one of my WR's in N. Washington or N. Burleson a good move? Also I'm 2nd in waiver claims
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    Billy Vigliotti (500 Reputation Points)
    I would entertain the idea behind D. Richardson because it sounds like you have WR depth. And I happen to like Burleson over Washington for this week and moving forward. Hardesty will carry very little value unless T. Richardson has a set back.
    Marc Noland (683 Reputation Points)
    I have A.J. Green, R. White, S. Johnson, M. Williams are my other WR's
    Billy Vigliotti (500 Reputation Points)
    Stacked. I definitely would drop Washington in favor of Richrdson then.