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    Matt Mannie (500 Reputation Points)
    well let's look at this without the weight of the name(s) : the jags have a scaled down passing game and tend to rely on their top player who has not let them down in doing. they have the 10th easiest rb sched. from here and play home games in florida. the 'skins have a rook at qb who is their offensive centerpiece and at times their best rusher. the skins have the 20th easiest rb sched from here and they play their home games in a winter wonderland. gotta go with the big name here. good luck tim
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    al staton (500 Reputation Points)
    I never thought I'd ever consider this. but Jax are so bad that teams are stacking the box and daring them to pass. Morris is basically getting all of the carries. I'd go for it(Wait a minute, did I just say that?).
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    Robert Shorts (500 Reputation Points)
    I would take into consideration that even though mjd is their best scoring option, when they get behind, they tend to abandon him in favor of trying to manufacture nonexistent passing attack with gabbert and his touches suffer severely. On the other hand morris would be even more productive if rg3 wouldn't hog alot of his running yards. With that being said i'll go with thebig name with the higher ceiling, mjd!
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    Tom Olp (500 Reputation Points)
    The way that I look at it is, when it comes to running backs, you got to be in the lead in the second half to be able to really produce big numbers more often than not. When you are down by significant margins in the second half, you become a pass-only offense. But if you are a team that can get leads, and also relies on the run, you then know that the run game is always going to be a factor. I think Jacksonville is going to continue to struggle putting points up on the board, and it's going to hurt the run game late in games. I think Washington has a very good run game and will continue to keep it as a factor in all games they play. I'd say stick with Morris if you have him, and if you got offered Morris, see if you can get more out of the deal before trying to make a decision.