Give up on J.Stewart and try to get Felix Jones off waivers?
I can probably get Jones. Is he worth giving up on Stewart at this point?
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    George Possley (531 Reputation Points)
    JStew is not available in my 10 team standard scoring ESPN league. I put in a claim for Felix and will get him tomorrow morning. He's gonna carry the rock for Douchlas until Murray is cleared. I'm 1-5 and alone in the basement. And I like to think it's not because I'm an idiot but you are welcome to judge.
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    The Diesel (386 Reputation Points)
    I agree with Kacee
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    Andy Cochrane (110 Reputation Points)
    Short term Jones. If you can cope longer term keep Stewart.
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    Kacee Giger (624 Reputation Points)
    If you have to win this week (you don't have the luxury of a 4-2 or better start), than go for Felix Jones as he has more upside. However, I still think JStew will be at least moderately effective at some point this year, so for me he has much more value than Felix.
    ATX Playa (488 Reputation Points)
    I am 3-3 with two losses by combined 2.9 pts. Rivers lost it for me by 0.9 pts last night with that last meaningless fumble (and the five other turnovers of course). My four RBs are Peterson, Martin, CJnoK and Stewart.
    Kacee Giger (624 Reputation Points)
    Yes, I think I would go for it. Even with Chris Johnson being as inconsistent as he has been, I don't see you starting JStew over any of those other three. I would go with Felix for at least this week (or until Murray gets back) and then drop him and pick up the best available (depending on your league, there's a fair chance that JStew will be waiting for you).