Better stash???
PPR league: I'm dropping Best! Who do you think could be a sneaky add and be golden at the end of the season and playoffs? A few RB's on the waiver wire: Quizz, D. Richardson, Hunter, Goodson, Wells...
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    Andy Cochrane (110 Reputation Points)
    Wells for end of season if you can afford a non-playing stash for a few weeks.
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    Kacee Giger (624 Reputation Points)
    Richardson has the most value week to week as it looks like he'll be sharing carries with S-Jax some. However, if you're just looking for upside, I would take the handcuff of a couple old backs, Michael Turner and Frank Gore. If either of those guys go down, Jacquizz or Hunter would be the primary back in a good offense. Of those two, I think I would go with Hunter as he's used more now and the 49ers seem more committed to the running game.
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    Matt Foreman (500 Reputation Points)
    Richardson for sure. Has been almost splitting carries with Jackson and it seems that Fisher likes Richardson as much, if not more than Jackson. The Rams also play some good match-ups in the playoffs (Buffalo, Minnesota, Tampa Bay). Out of the rest I'd rank them: Rodgers, Goodson, Wells, Hunter.
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    Nate Waldron (500 Reputation Points)
    I like Daryl Richardson