Shonne Greene Projection
I have Albert Morris, Jones-Drew, Doug Martin and Ryan Grant as a handcuff to Morris. Would there be any upgrade potential in dropping the Grant handcuff for Shonne Greene? Was he a one-week wonder, or should there be more consistent things to come for Greene?
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    Andy Cochrane (110 Reputation Points)
    He has got a really tough schedule and a bye coming up over the next 7 weeks so I would pass TBH. If, however, you think Grant isn't going to get much action he could be worth a stash for times you need a full in. Just don't get your hopes up.
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    Matt Mannie (500 Reputation Points)
    can't believe he'll do anything like that again - and his sched. is getting tougher - that said - a starter can be more valuable than a handcuff - but you wouldn't really be starting him ever. the only thing you might be accompllishing is blocking another owner. i have no problem with teams using their waiver priority to do that, but considering it's greene - it might be worth letting someone else have him. good luck either way dakota