I was offered denarius moore & MJD for megatron and ridley? Think bout hitting the decline button
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    Anthony Best (381 Reputation Points)
    out of the question.. Ridley has by far the easiest schedule going forward and in no way Moore is worth having over Megatron.
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    Jared Doom (500 Reputation Points)
    Without knowing your league's scoring system, I can confidently recommend you decline. MJD is good but hasn't been too productive this year, and is held back by being on an offense with the leagues worst QB. Denarius Moore is far from a proven options.

    Megatron, on the other hand, is a proven option with physical traits and skillset unrivaled by any WR in the league (perhaps a 2009 Andre Johnson could complete) who will undoubtedly continue to see many, many targets. Haven't done much research on Ridley, but seems like he is been pretty productive this year (probably as productive as MJD).
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    Andy Cochrane (110 Reputation Points)
    Overall the players you have are better. MJD better than Ridley but Megatron's gap over Moore is larger. Decline.