Bad running back situation, need help
I have alex green, Larod Stephens Howling and Fred Jackson on my team at the moment, and I need to play one of them. On the waiver wire I can get Shonne Greene, Shaun Draughn, Danny Woodhead or Kendall Hunter. From all these options, who should I play? Maybe pick a few and tell me why, or why definitely not, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Matt Mannie (500 Reputation Points) goes : green has an undefined situation - starks lingers - though i don't see him coming back yet, but kuhn will get goal line work so a score is a tough bet. stevens -howling isn't 100% and will likely see a split in carries - he is the best recieving option out of the backfield though and the match-up tastes like chicken. fred jackson is likely the best player of the group but his time share and the fact that somehow the cards are playing the run very well but fred is a solid pass-catcher too. we're gonna ignore the two seans, don't need to go into why. woodhead is going to score at least 2 or 3 more times this year, but if you can figure out when, please use your powers for good not evil. kendall hunter gets a few carries spelling gore and if gore goes down he's got a great chance, but until then he is a lightning in a bottle sort of pick. i guess for this week i'd reluctantly go with jackson - stevens-howling second. after this week if you has room - i might stash hunter though...just a thought. good luck aidan
    Aidan Milburn (500 Reputation Points)
    wow thank you so much. wish I could give you like 20 upvotes for that, but I can't. I'll go upvote all your other answers instead haha. Thanks for the advice
    Matt Mannie (500 Reputation Points)
    thanks for the votes, hopes some of that mess helps..
    Sysop (500 Reputation Points)
    good summarizing of a mess :)
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    Andy Cochrane (110 Reputation Points)
    I agree with Matt and would up vote his answer if my IPad would let me!
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    Anthony Best (381 Reputation Points)
    there is no better explanation than the one Matt gave!! I don;t see him getting much, but since he has returned from knee injury FJax has been getting the bulk of the carries.. and it is true that Arizona seems tough against the run, but they are in the middle of the pack of yards yielded to RB's.