Is numberfire for real? Cincinnati DEF?
I have a STUD in the 49ers, should I take a blind leap in Numberfire?

I did in the one of the first weeks with OAK-DEF against Miami and paid for it dearly!!! I was in the minus!
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    Chase Brantley (500 Reputation Points)
    If you can get your hands on Miami, St. Louis or Vikings I would do so because they all have great matchups.
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    JD (500 Reputation Points)
    Cinci - if healthy - they are counting on a rookie QB to make mistakes, and relatively 'bad' WR's to make route-running mistakes, which lead to INT's also. It's not necessarily the defense itself, it's the turnovers.
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    Matthews (542 Reputation Points)
    san fran is not the best defense for fantasy purposes in my opinion. in fact, most defenses are matchup plays this yr imo
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    Mitch Klein (500 Reputation Points)
    Green Bay, Detroit, MN; all three the 49ers barely escaped with points on D. Sure they are at home against NY, but have you forgotten the G-men play better on the road then they do at home? Play SF, you are looking at under 5 points, pick up Cinci, you have a shot at double-digits