Bye Week QB: Weeden or Quinn?
Brees is my starter, and I currently have Weeden on the roster to fill in this week, but I am considering if Quinn will put up better numbers. Thoughts? I appreciate any feedback, thanks
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    Kacee Giger (624 Reputation Points)
    If those were my only two options, I would probably just go ahead and play Brees on his bye week (at least you wouldn't lose points that way). Seriously though, the Bengals gave up a ton of yards to Tannehill, so I think I would just stick with Weeden and hope for the best.
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    Jackie Treehorn (500 Reputation Points)
    Haha, I agree with your point, but unfortunately those are my two best options, its a 16 team league and I'm facing a close matchup this week. Currently in first place and trying to hold on...
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    Matt Foreman (500 Reputation Points)
    I'd go with Quinn. The Browns WR corps is banged up and starting their 4th and 5th receivers this week. Quinn has Bowe and Jon Baldwin, who I trust more than Greg Little.