Drop: Baltimore-D, pick up Seattle-D?
Who has more upside?
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    Kacee Giger (624 Reputation Points)
    I think the Seahawks' defense is for real, so I would go with them. In some leagues, you could get something in trade for a brand name defense like the Ravens, so you might shop them around to a team without a decent defense.
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    Len Deez (334 Reputation Points)
    With Seattle D ranking in the top 5 in all important defensive statistics im surprised you have them on the waiver, I would pick them up asap before someone else gets wise to them being available. While the matchup VS New England isnt ideal, The hawks D is no joke and could have a nice game against the Pats, especially at home with the 12th man making a no huddle offense difficult to execute. Also the Hawks are one of the best running teams in the league, expect Pete Carrol and Derrel Bevell to call a ball control gameplan; eating up the clock and keeping the ball out of Bradys hands. If you can swing it, id suggest holding both Defenses and trading one for a better player that you let go to pick up the Hawks. @len_dub
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    Link Wilson (286 Reputation Points)
    I think the Seattle D is legit as well; I would wait until after this weekend though. Baltimore D vs Dallas > Seattle D vs New England