Trade Proposal- Need WR
Which of these running backs would be best to give up for Vincent Jackson or Reggie Wayne? Alfred Morris, Stephen Ridley, Michael Turner, Rashard Mendehall?
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    Michael Worthington (586 Reputation Points)
    I'd rank the potential WR's as Wayne > Jackson.
    I'd rank your RB's as Mendenhall > Ridley > Morris > Turner.

    If you can get either WR for Turner, that's a good deal for you.
    If you can get Wayne for Morris or Turner.

    I wouldn't trade Ridley. New England just started putting their attention on the run game as is apparent by Ridley's past two performances of 100+ yards and 1 and 2 td's.
    I wouldn't trade Mendenhall either. As long as he's healthy, he's going to put up solid numbers each week.
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    Aidan Milburn (500 Reputation Points)
    Those are good runningbacks, I think you could get something better than those WR's. But if those are your options, I would give Ridley for Wayne. Wayne is better than VJax, and with Ridley you never know who will be carrying the ball and when if you're a patriots RB