QB fill in for week 7
I have Ryan who is on a bye. I want to get a jump start on a replacement before next week. My current backup is Locker. Should I dump Locker for one of these FA's or just keep Locker and hope he plays in week 7. Also for rest of season consideration in case Ryan goes down (my worst nightmare if that happened).
Sanchez or Tebow

Kolb just became available. I would only use the backup for week 7 and any week Ryan can't play because of an injury. So would Kolb be a better fit for week 7 than say Plamer, Freeman or Bradford? We have Kolb vs. Minnesota, Palmer vs. Jacksonville, Freeman vs. New Orleans, Bradford vs. Green Bay.
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    Anthony Best (381 Reputation Points)
    Out of your options, I would rather have Bradford or Palmer over Locker.. whichever one has easier match-ups on weeks your planning on using them.
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    Matt Mannie (500 Reputation Points)
    freeman at home versus the nfl's version of a junior varsity defense sounds good to me. palmer at home against the jags looks pretty too. and bradford might have to throw it bunch against the pack - but they might be able to tee-off on that too. a couple of nice fill in options for a bye week. but i would lean freeman here. good luck richard